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Please note that we no longer have mobile apps available for the KMK Optometry Board Certification review course.  Please disregard any mention of an app in the Board Certification videos.  All course material is available through your account online at kmkoptometryboardcertificattion.com and in the KMK Optometry Board Certification Review textbook.  We apologize for any confusion.

What are the differences between the live lecture courses and the online courses for the ABO and NBEO/CPDO examinations?

The live lecture courses are identical to the online course, except that the online course does NOT include the live lectures themselves.  However, both the live course and the online course include access to online streaming lecture videos.  The videos are recorded in a private studio (no audience present) to optimize sound and video quality.  The online lectures cover the same material as the live course lectures.  Also, both the live lecture coruses and the online courses include a 12 month subscription to all online study resources, which include the streaming lecture videos, graded quizzes, flashcards, summary documents, and mobile applications for iPhone and Blackberry.

At this time, only the live lecture course hours have been submitted for COPE approval (but see next question).


Are the online course hours COPE approved?

Yes!  Currently, there are 17 COPE-approved CE hours associated with the online course.  After watching the lecture videos and reading the text, you can gain CE credit by passing a short quiz associated with each chapter.  KMK submits quiz results (passing scores only) to COPE periodically (typically every 2 weeks).  Please see the ARBO / COPE website (www.arbo.org) for details about CE requirements and regulations in your particular state.


I lost my password.  Help!

In the upper right hand corner, near the login form, you will a small key with a question mark near it.  You can click on this button to reset your password.  To do so, enter the email address associated with your account.  You will receive an email within 1-2 minutes containing information about resetting your password.  Please monitor your spam folder to be sure that the email was not filtered.


The course I would like to attend is spread over two weekends.  I can only attend one weekend of the course.  Will I receive COPE credit for the hours I attend?

All course hours for our live lecture courses have been submitted for COPE approval.  All course hours for the SCOPA course will be submitted as a single event, so attendance at all sessions is required for COPE credit.  On the other hand, because the course at PCO at Salus University is divided over two weekends, we will be submitting the courses for each weekend as separate COPE events.  Therefore, it will be possible to receive credit for each weekend separately.


Can I pay by check?

Yes.  To pay by check, please place an item into your shopping cart.  During the checkout process, you will be given the option to pay by check or by credit card.  After completing checkout, you will be instructed to mail the check for your registration dues directly to KMK Board Certification Services.  When your check is received, we will immediately activate your online account and begin to process and package your order.

Click here for detailed ordering instructions.


How long does it take to receive the book?

The book ships upon completion of your order.  The order typically takes 1-2 days to process and then the shipping itself typically takes 3-5 business days.


Can I buy the book separately from the course?

No, the book is only available as part of a course package.  The book is included with all courses (online and live).


How do I register for the ABO examination?

The first step is to register with the ABO to become an Active Candidate.  To do this go to www.abopt.org and click on Apply Now.  This will take you through the registration process for Active candidate status for the ABO.  When this is complete the ABO will verify information (for example, the optometry school you attended, your license information, and data bank search) to ensure your are in good standing with your state board and other federal agencies.  This step takes 1-4 weeks to complete.
Following verification, you will be an Active Candidate.  The next step is to submit your points through the Post-Graduate Requirements tab under My ABO at www.abopt.org.  You must submit 150 points by May 1st if you want to sit for the first administration of the test.  Once you have completed and entered the 150 points, you will be able to schedule your test through Prometric at www.prometric.com.  Here you can look up test locations and schedule your examination.  
How do I register for the NBEO/CPDO examination?
First find if you are eligible by clicking here. The next step is to apply here. You can find all the information about the NBEO Continued Professional Development in Optometry (CPDO) exam at https://www.optometry.org/nbeo-bc/index.cfm
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