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Please note that we no longer have mobile apps available for the KMK Optometry Board Certification review course.  Please disregard any mention of an app in the Board Certification videos.  All course material is available through your account online at kmkoptometryboardcertificattion.com and in the KMK Optometry Board Certification Review textbook.  We apologize for any confusion.

It is with a light heart and big sigh of relief that I can share with you that I have passed parts 1 and 2 of the National Board! 

Getting back into optometry to support my family after losing my husband and not practicing after for 13 years was a bit unnerving.  Having to retake all of my boards to get a Florida license more daunting yet. 

My class notes were long gone.  I had sold my text books when I sold my practice years ago. I last learned subjects like anatomy and optics back in 1986.  I felt a bit lost and out of touch, to say the least. And with three children, heck, I questioned if I had any brain cells left to work with! :)

The KMK course was my compass and my entire foundation with which to prepare for these exams. I was "all in" with you guys, and fortunately I was in very competent hands!  The review chapters were succinct and well written. My emailed uncertainties were answered in short order. The online videos brought the concepts to life, and balanced the copious reading parts with visual presentation and verbal explanation. The quizzes and tests were challenging and well thought out.  And the live course in Omaha for part 1 was the "icing on the cake" for me.  It was fast, fun and motivating. 

You work has reignited my optometric education and has helped me to rebuild my life and put a future there for me and my children. I am not normally this warm and fuzzy, but absolutely wanted to take the time to validate all of you- Kyle, Melissa, Ryan, Kendra, Chris, Laura and the rest of the KMK team that I have not met, to let you know that what you have done here with KMK is vital for students and returning docs like me. 

I would be happy to talk to any students or doctors who "are on the fence" that want or need a personal recommendation, to come on board with KMK. 

And you are welcome to use any part of this email for a testimonial on your website (or if you want me to write something separate, that is fine too, just let me know!)

Thank you so much for putting and keeping KMK there.

With love, admiration and gratitude,

 Lorraine Snead OD

 I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful help I received while I was preparing for ABO certification. Between the live course at GWCO, textbook, and online materials, I felt very prepared taking the test: and I passed! Not only was I prepared, but it was also great to be refreshed on concepts used in clinical practice today. There were quite a few times where I had a particular case that went right along with a topic I was studying and it felt good to be armed with the knowledge to manage my patient to the best of my abilities! I appreciated the prompt responses from KMK to questions that I had and the ease of use of the online materials. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering being board certified. The instructors and resources are amazing!

Keshia Casimir, OD

Clearview Eye & Laser, Seattle, WA

The experts at KMK touch base on the most relevant material that is right on [for] the exam.  I was nervous prior to taking the exam but I stuck by their recommendation and  studied all the flashcards and watched the videos.  All the instructors were amazing with their lectures and helped me refresh my education and feel confident on exam day.  

Saied Hashemi OD,

Diplomat, American board of Optometry

I don’t know if you survey your clients but just wanted to let you know I passed the ABO.  Thanks for your help.  The study materials were right on.  I took the one day course in Vegas at the Vision Source meeting this spring and then tested in July. 

Douglas D. Creger, OD

Vision Source

Dillon, MT 

I attended your board certification course at the University of Houston School of Optometry in 2012.  I have been in a group ophthalmology practice for 27 of my 33 years of practice.  Having not taken a board exam since I entered practice 33 years ago,  I spent time in prayer and followed your study plan outlined in the course materials.  I took the exam July 15, 2013 and selected anterior segment/glaucoma and posterior segment as my two areas of emphasis. 

I was notified this weekend that I passed the board exam.  I would like to thank you for the outstanding program you have developed. I would recommend your program to anyone preparing for the ABO exam.

Richard M. Walters, OD

Diplomat, American Board of Optometry

Alexandria Eye and Laser

Today’s educational opportunities are beyond belief.  KMK provide a great weekend of updated information, then you can watch and re-watch all of the videos at your convenience - wind and rewind to really know the information.  Not to mention the great tests they offer on their website, with the ability to find out what you DON’T KNOW, so you can focus your efforts.  And their flashcards are already done and easy to use and re-use.  I don’t think they could do it any better!  Remember I went to school, before they invented light, so lots of new things, and this gave me the depth I needed to know to pass the exam. 

Dr. Sam Baron, O.D.

Golden Vision Clinic, P.C.

I attended the Board Certification Review course in Portland this past weekend.  It was EXCELLENT.  Both Drs. Cheatham and Wolfe were wonderful speakers who were organized, interesting, and very informative.  I am 65 years old and did not doze off once during the 14 hours of lectures!!!---that is saying a lot!

Stanley Mestman, OD

It was a pleasure to participate in the KMK course at Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO) this past weekend. I am impressed with the breath and depth of the course; in 2.5 days, it covered most of medical optometry. I sincerely appreciate KMK's obvious passion for our profession.

Barry A Weissman, OD, PhD, FAAO

(Dip CL) Professor of Ophthalmology

Jules Stein Eye Institute Department of Ophthalmology

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Co-editor, Clinical Contact Lens Practice (2004) 

I strongly recommend the KMK Board Certification Review course.  The June 2011 examination was ABO’s inaugural, so no one knew exactly what to expect.  Working with the tools provided by KMK, including online lectures, quizzes, and flashcards, I was well-prepared.  The live course then cemented the foundation.  My examination went well.  With that first exam in the books, I’m sure KMK will now offer an even stronger program.

Dr. Stevin Minie

Trustee, California Optometric Association

I took the ABO Board Certification test today and wanted to write to thank and congratulate KMK on a job well-done. The courses and book were spot on for preparing for the course and made the exam easy.

Dr. Gerald Geist

Geist Optometry

Selinsgrove, PA

Not only do I feel that the course was helpful in preparing for the exam, but also I have been a practicing optometrist for 25 years and I felt this was a rejuvenating experience. 

KMK Participant, Salus University, Spring 2011     

Excellent lectures and great on-line resources!  I love the way you tie things together with lots of clinical pearls.  So glad I took this course!

KMK Participant, Salus University, Spring 2011    

This is the best course I've ever taken.  I feel I increased my understanding and knowledge 1000%.

KMK Participant, Salus University, Spring 2011

Thanks so much to the entire KMK Group for their dedicated and hard work in bringing our profession such a complete and powerful resource for preparing for the ABO Board Certification Examination. The on-line course is complete with great, stimulating lectures by enthusiastic professionals focusing on the information most likely to be considered relevant for the exam, helpful self-assessment Quizzes and Final Exams, complete with answers, so one can assess their knowledge on a particular subject area, and many other useful on-line utilities, designed for quick review and easy learning. As I've been out of optometry school for 30+ years, I wasn't sure where to begin to study for the ABO examination. The KMK course is organized with a starting point and endpoint goals, and consequently, provided me with the perfect venue for reviewing information I felt I had long forgot, as well as learning new, useful, and important information for daily clinical practice. I largely credit this great course with my success on the June 2011 Examination. I want to also add, that these are truly great and nice people, with a true desire to help everyone in our profession succeed in this new and challenging arena for optometry. I not only thoroughly enjoyed this entire review and examination experience, but particularly appreciated, and was impressed with each and every interaction I had with the individuals in this group. Congratulations, on a heroic job on an impossible task!!

Dr. Stuart D. Schatz

Contact Lens Associates

College Park, Maryland

I just wanted to thank you for all that you did in the KMK ABO review lectures. Your clinical pearls were fantastic!!! I've been out in solo practice for about 12 years now, and while that isn't an extraordinary amount of time, it is enough that refreshing my knowledge in certain areas was very beneficial.

H. Jeff Ward, OD

Highlands Ranch, CO

 I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH  for your excellent review course that I took at PCO (Salus University) before my Board Certification! Of course my good news is that I passed and couldn't have done it without you guys.

Bridgette Fuller, OD

Austin, TX

I graduated optometry school in 1983 and am retiring from the Air Force after a very fulfilling career that has placed me on the command/administrative track the past ten years.  Your spring 2012 review course at Salus University absolutely jump started my ABO preparation.  The study guide was organized according to the ABO outline and became my faithful companion during my preparation.  I took the ABO yesterday and was amazed at how prepared I was.  The exam was very comprehensive, but I cannot think of a question that had not been addressed by KMK, either in the guide, the flashcards, the quizzes, the supplemental materials, or in the practice exams.  To sum up the benefit of the KMK board preparation in one word, it would have to be "confidence."  Often I found myself not only knowing the correct answer but the likely "almost correct" choice the ABO would list as well.  I plan to return to patient care after retirement and am grateful to KMK for their part in launching the next phase of my career. As we say in the military, thank you for a job extremely well done.

Brian K. Deckert, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.O.

 Just got your email about providing extra cope hours for the online CE!  KMK keeps getting better and better!  My husband Fred and I took your review course in St. Louis in May, and we were really impressed with the breadth and scope of everyone’s knowledge in lectures.  The book is incredibly organized with great hints and tips.  The flash cards are difficult at first but with some review they really help build one’s confidence and knowledge base. The quizzes and final tests are an excellent representation of the material.  As we continue to prepare for our test, every part of the website offers something new to help us review, refresh and update our education.  We really believe that every optometrist needs to take this course—whether or not they want to become board certified.  We didn’t realize how stale our education of 30+ years ago was.  Your efforts are not going unnoticed, and we very much appreciate all that you are doing for Optometry!  Thank you for all your hard work!

 Charlene N. Burnett, O.D.

For the seasoned practitioner, recent graduate, or someone who concentrates on only a specific area of eye care such as disease or low vision and feels the more primary aspects of optometric care have receded into the depths of their memory, the KMK course and support materials are indispensable tools that go even beyond preparing you to pass the Board Certification Course.  The KMK review of optometry as a whole will without a doubt make you a better doctor.

The entire KMK team are knowledgeable, professional, and exceptional communicators of knowledge.  As a fellow educator, my hat is off to the them and the fine product they have created for us all to benefit from.

Joe DeLoach, OD, FAAO

Clinical Professor

University of Houston College of Optometry 

I have been in practice for 30 years and I've never enjoyed practicing more then I do today and studying for BC was a great forced review. My practice does mostly chronic and acute path and I love systemic medicine and its connection to eye care. The process made me a better doctor.  I very much enjoyed KMK's Board Certification Review Course and thought both the video and course textbook where very useful.  Your instructors were very "smart" and very impressive.
Donald Higgins, OD
Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

 I just wanted to say thank you.  I passed the ABO boards this summer (found out today), and I appreciate all of your study materials and help.  THANK YOU!!!  I could not have done it without you and your website.
Thanks a million,
Jacqueline Crow, O.D.
Diplomate of ABO
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